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Pest Management: Symptoms

Sorghum  -  Stem borer: Chilo partellus

Pest management
Pest management
Pest management
Pest management
Symptoms of Damage: 
 Withering and drying of central shoot - DEAD HEART
 Red mining in the midrib
 Bore holes visible on the stem near the nodes
 Tender folded leaves have parallel SHOT HOLE
 Affected parts of stem may show internally tunneling of caterpillars
Identification of Pest: 
 Egg - Scale-like flat oval eggs in batches on the under surface of leaves near the midribs.
 Larva - Yellowish brown with a brown head and prothoracic shield.
 Adult - Moth is medium size, straw coloured.
 Dead hearts should be pulled out and used as fodder (or) burried in manure pits.
 Stubbles should be ploughed up during winter and burnt to destroy the hibernating larvae
 Sow the lab lab or cowpea as an intercrop (Sorghum: Lab lab 4:1)
 Set up light trap
 Bio-control agents viz.,Trichogramma minutum, Bracon chinensis and Apanteles flavipes
 Mix any one of the following insecticides with sand (total quantity of 50kg)
 Phorate - 10G@ 8kg
 Carbofuran 3G@ 17kg/ha
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