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Pest Management: Symptoms

Sunflower  -  Rose ringed Parakeet: Psittacula krameri

Pest management
Symptoms of Damage: 
 The birds damage starts from the milky stage and continues till harvest
 These consumes on an average of 152 seeds/day
Identification of Pest: 
 It is slim, green parakeet with the typical short, heavy, deeply hooked, red bill. Hollow space in a tree trunk is the nest of the bid
 Establishment of scare crows in the field so as to distract the birds
 Bursting of crackers and carbide guns, tying polythene bags
 Use of bird scaring tape (reflective ribbon or bird scaring ribbon)
 Using bio-acoustic method like pre-recorded distress calls to distract the birds
 Destruction of bird nest in and around the field
 Deploy two labourers per hectare to scare away the birds
 Pruning of perching and breeding places
 Spraying of neem kernal powder solution at 10 g/litre of water after seed shedding repels the birds
 Use of bird proof nets
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