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Pest Management: Symptoms

Mango  -  Mango stem borer: Batocera rufomaculata

Pest management
Symptoms of Damage: 
 Grub tunnels in the sapwood on the trunk or branches
 Grub bore into the sap wood and macking irregular tunnels.
 Feeding the vascular tissues
 Interruption of nutrient and water transport on the tissue
 Drying of terminal shoot in early stage
 Frass comes out from several points and some times sap oozes out of the holes and Wilting of branches or entire tree
Identification of Pest: 
 Grub - Linear, fleshy, apodous
 Adult - Grayish beetle with two pink dots and lateral spine
 Remove and destroy dead and severely affected branches of the tree
 Remove alternate host, silk cotton and other hosts
 Grow tolerant mango varieties viz., Neelam, Humayudin.
 Swab Coal tar + Kerosene @ 1:2 or Carbaryl 50 WP 20 g / l (basal portion of the trunk - 3 feet height) after scraping the loose bark to prevent oviposition by adult beetles.
 If infestations are severe then apply the copper oxychloride paste on the trunk of the tree.
 One celphos tablet (3 g aluminum phosphide) per hole
 Apply carbofuran 3G 5 g per hole and plug with mud.
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