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Pest Management: Symptoms

Mango  -  Mango nut weevil: Sternochaetus mangiferae

Pest management
Symptoms of Damage: 
 Grub makes zigzag tunnels in pulp
 Eats unripe tissue and bore into cotyledons
 Fruit dropping at marble stage
 Oviposition injuries on marble sized fruits.
 Tunnelled cotyledons in mature fruit by grubs
Identification of Pest: 
 Grub - A full grown grub is legless, fleshly and yellow with dark head.
 Dark weevils after emergence remain inactive, hidden in the cracks and crevices on the trunk
 Adult - Adult is dark brown with a short snout.
 Collect and destroy the fallen fruits
 Maintain hygiene in storage place
 Acephate 75 SP 1.5g/lit or Lambdacyhalothrin 5 EC 2.5 ml/lit at marble size stage of fruits, Phosalone 35 EC 2 ml/lit against Mango nut weevil
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