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Pest Management: Symptoms

Maize  -  Ear head bug: Calocoris angustatus

Pest management
Symptoms of Damage: 
 Nymphs and adult suck the juice from within the grains when they are in the milky stage
 Grains shrink and turn black in colour and ill filled (or) chaffy.
 Orange and pale green nymphs and adults are seen on the ear head.
Identification of Pest: 
 Nymphs:Slender, green in colour
 Adults:Male is green in colour. Female is green with a brown margin
 Egg:Blue cigar shaped, laid under the glumes or into the middle of the florets
 Apply any one of the followingon 3rd and 18th day after panicle emergence
 Carbaryl 10 D @25 kg/ha
 Malathion 5 D @25 kg/ha
 Phosalone 4 D @25 kg/ha
 Neem seed kernel extract 5%
 Azadirachtin 1%
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