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Pest Management: Symptoms

Sunflower  -  Capitulum borer (Head borer): Helicoverpa armigera

Pest management
Pest management
Symptoms of Damage: 
 The larva feeds on the developing seeds and bore the head
 Fungal developed and head starts rotting
 The larva consumes leaf in early stage of growth and move towards the capitulum and tunnel the head
Identification of Pest: 
 Egg: Spherical in shape and creamy white in colour, laid singly
 Larva: Shows colour variation from greenish to brown. It has dark brown grey lines on the body with lateral white lines and also has dark and pale bands
 Pupa: Brown in colour, occurs in soil, leaf, pod and crop debris
 Adult: Light pale brownish yellow stout moth. Forewings are olive green to pale brown with a dark brown circular spot in the centre. Hind wings are pale smoky white with a broad blackish outer margin
 Grow inter crops like, green gram, black gram, groundnut, soybean
 Sow 3-4 lines of maize (or) jowar around the sunflower crop to monitor the moth
 Sow trap crops like marigold at 50 plants/acre
 Use of pheromone traps (4 traps/acre) for pest intensity identification as well as to trap the male moths
 Setting of light traps (1 light trap/5 acre) to know the range of pest incidence as well as to kill moth population
 Release predators like coccinellids, Chrysoperla carnea @1larva/ head
 Release parasitoides like Trichogramma spp.@ 20,000/acre, (Bracon spp., Campoletis spp)
 Spray HaNPV 250 LE + Bt @0.5kg/ha for effective control
 Spray HaNPV 250 LE/ha +1 kg Jaggery + 200ml Sandovit (or) Teepal; mixing and spray in the evening hours only
 Spraying of 5% Neem oil or 5% Neem Seed Kernal extract before egg laying
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