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Pest Management: Symptoms

Bhendi  -  Bhendi fruit borer: Helicoverpa armigera

Pest management
Symptoms of Damage: 
 Feed on the flowers
 Circular boreholes on fruits
 Larva thrust only part of their body inside the fruit feed
Identification of Pest: 
 Eggs: Are spherical in shape and creamy white in colour, laid singly
 Larva: Shows colour variation from greenish to brown
 Pupa: Brown in colour, occurs in soil, leaf, and pod
 Adult: Female brownish yellow stout moth, Male is pale greenish in colour with V shaped markings
 Collect and destroy the infected fruits and grown up larvae
 Grow simultaneously 40 days old American tall marigold and 25 days old tomato seedling at 1:10 rows to attract Helicoverpa adults for egg laying.
 Setup pheromone trap with Helilure at 15/ha
 Six releases of T. chilonis @ 50,000/ha per week coinciding with flowering time
 Release Chrysoperla carnea at weekly interval at 50,000 eggs or grubs/ha from 30 DAS
 Spray carbaryl 50 WP 2g/lit or B. thuringiensis 2g/lit
 Do not spray insecticides after maturity of fruits.
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