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area wise diseases

Crop Name:


Disease Name/Pest:

Citrus Canker

Reported Area:

Chiluvuru of Duggirala Mandal


The lesions first appear on leaves. The spots first develop on the lower surface of the leaf.
In the beginning the lesions will be small, round and watery. The spots later raised and become yellowish brown.
As the disease advances, the spot becomes white (or) greyish & finally ruptures. The spots become rough & dark black corky.
In advanced stage, small spots coalesce to large spots. Lesions are often surrounded by a yellow halo.
The spotting in the petiole cause premature defoliation. Usually, the yellow halo is absent in fruit canker.


Xanthomonas axonopodis

Curative Measures:

Remove all the infected parts is done to prevent the spread of the disease.
Streptocycline 1g and Blitox 30g in 10lit water spray 2-3 times with 20 days interval.
Bordo paste can also be applied for canker at root zone & branches.

Preventive Methods:

Grow resistant varieties like Balaji variety.
The use of disease-free stocks is the best method to control the disease.


Don't Use: