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area wise diseases

Crop Name:


Disease Name/Pest:

Cercospora leaf spot

Reported Area:

Vejendla of Chebrole Mandal


The disease first manifests as small brownish spots on the leaves and gradually develops into the big circular grayish spots with whitish center.
Later they form into large lesions due to coalescing of the spots.
Necrosis of leaves.


Cercospora capsici

Curative Measures:

Mancozeb 500g (or) Carbendazim 200g in 200 lit water.
Foliar spray of products containing Copper hydroxide can be done, starting when the spots first appear, & continue at 10-14 days interval untill 3-4 weeks before last harvest. It is important to spray both sides of the leaves.

Preventive Methods:

Seed Treatment with Hot water at 52°c for 30 min is a way to reduce the presence on the fungus on seeds.
Seed treatment with Captan 3g/kg works fine to fight the disease.
Use mulch to create a physical barrier between the plant & fungus.
Use stakes to keep plants upright and Control susceptible weeds in and around the field.
Do not work on fields when plants are wet and Implement wide crop rotation, atleast over a period of 3 years.


Don't Use: