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area wise diseases

Crop Name:


Disease Name/Pest:

Stem Borer

Reported Area:

Tallapalem of Ponnur Mandal
Kuchallapadu, Varahapuram and Abbanagudavali of Vemuru Mandal
Burripalem of Tenali Mandal
Pothumeraka and Kaithepalli of Repalle Mandal
Jammulapalem and Neredupalli of Bapatla Mandal


Early Symptom: Shot holes on the whorls of newly opened leaves.
The larvae bores into midrib & the shoot & feeds on internal tissues & causes typical Dead Heart formation.
After the internode elongation the growing point moved upwards, the larvae make tunnel into the stem & also presence of red patches on the internodal region.
Later infestation occurs on the top portion of the stem.


Chilo partellus

Curative Measures:

Mix any one of the following insecticides with sand and apply in the leaf whorls. Phorate - 10 G (or) carbofuran 3 G (or) Endosulfan 4D (or) spray Endosulfan 35 EC (or) Carbaryl 50 WP.

Preventive Methods:

The stubbles should be ploughed up during winter and burnt to destroy the hibernating larvae.
Grow resistant cultivars.
Sow lab lab or Dolichos as an intercrop in the ratio of 4:1 to minimise the stem borer damage.


Don't Use: