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Crop Name:  Sugarcane

Disease Image:  
Disease management in Agriculture
Disease Name:  Ratoon stunting
  • The affected plants are stunted, the stunting being most severe in stubble and ratoon crops.
  • In infected stocks, the presence of pin head like orange coloured dots of bacteria on the internal soft tissue in the nodal region
  • The setts taken from diseased plantsgerminate poorly and the few shoots that are emergedgrow very slowly.
  • Treat the setts with hot water at 50 C for about 2 hours thisgives 100 per cent control. A temperature higher than this would kill the cane and lower temperature than the specified enables the pathogen to survive.
  • Ungerminated setts should be removed and fill thegap with new setts which should be treated before planting.
  • Select healthy setts for planting and Field should maintain at proper sanitation.
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