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Crop Name:  Pumpkin

Disease Image:  
Disease management in Agriculture
Disease Name:  Witches' Broom
  • Malformation and proliferation of axillary buds occurs. Diseased plants show many abnormally little leaves, which fail to attain full size
  • Flowers on infected plants show characteristicgreen, phyllody symptoms.
  • Fruit formation is noticed from the flowers partially infected with the disease. Fruits from these flowers are very small, cylindrical and deformed. The outer surface of the fruits is smooth and fruits are completely seedless
  • Application of Carbofuran (1.5 kg a.i./ha) at the time of sowing seeds followed by 5-6 foliar sprays of either Phosphamidon (0.05%) or Monocrotophos (0.05%) or Oxydematon Methyl (0.05%) at 10 days interval, to control the vector population
  • Spraying of Oxytetracycline hydrochloride solution (500 ppm) at weekly intervals suppress the disease symptoms.
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