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Crop Name:  Coconut

Disease Image:  
Disease management in Agriculture
Disease Name:  Stem bleeding
  • Water soaked patch on trunks appears initially which later increases in size
  • Reddish brown ooze from the cracks in the patch is a characteristic symptom
  • The fluid dries up to form black encrustations with brownish orange margins
  • The tissues, except vascular bundles, below infected patch show yellowish brown discolouration and decay
  • Coconut stem boring insects should be controlled by applying Carbaryl 50% WP on the trunk at 3g per litre
  • Along with 50 kg of organic manure, apply 5 kg neem cake containing the antagonistic fungi, Trichoderma to the basin during September. In older trees, after draining the fluid, cavities should be filled with a mixture of tar coal, sand and cement to strengthen the trunks and to prevent secondary damage and Coat the lower part of trunk with coal tar or Bordeaux paste to prevent the disease
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