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Crop Name:  Coconut

Disease Image:  
Disease management in Agriculture
Disease Name:  Bud rot
  • Loss of lustre and yellowishgreen discoloration of the heart leaf or spear leaf
  • Water soaked lesions develop on the base of petioles of youngest leaves. Lesions turn brown and the basal tissues of the leaf rot quickly
  • At this stage the spear leaf appears dried, withered and irregular, water soaked spots develop on the petioles of older leaves
  • Spray copper fungicides, Bordeaux mixture 1% or Copper oxychloride 0.3% three times at the beginning, middle and cessation of monsoon as a prophylactic measure
  • Keep a mixture of CuSO4 + NaCl (1: 3-5 parts) in a cloth bag in the crown or above bud and manage rhinoceros beetle which causes severe damage
  • Removal and burning of badly infected palms and the infected trees can be saved if the disease is detected early by removing the infected tissues
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