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Crop Name:  Coconut

Disease Image:  
Disease management in Agriculture
Disease Name:  Basal stem rot
  • The trunk tissues internally rot and reddish browngummy fluid exudes out from naturalgrowth cracks
  • As a result reddish brown lesions are formed on trunk starting from base, the infection progresses and lesions extend linearly and radially on trunks of infected palms
  • Older leaves droop and wither and remain suspended around the trunk. Withering and drooping of leaves progresses in to the upper whorls and the Infected trees die in a few months or two years. Shot hole borer infestation hastens the death of the infected palms
  • Root feeding infected palms with Tridemorph 6ml/l twice a year
  • Apply FYM (200 kg) and neem cake (5-10 kg) inoculated with Trichoderma viride to each palm during June July months and also apply 2 kg superphosphate and 3 kg muriate of potash and 1 kg urea to each bearing palm, in two splits, one in July and other in November to maintain the vigour of the palm
  • Dig out infected palms with entire root system and destroy by burning. Disinfect the pit formed due to removal of infected palms by burning trash and drenching with Bordeaux mixture 1% and new trenches dug for replanting should be filled with FYM, 5 kg neem cake and Trichoderma viride
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