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Agmarks - Blog

Agmarks Blog

Agmarks | Digital Agriculture Farmer Service

We believe in farmer sustainability in a world striving for globalization to ensure food security for future. To achieve this, we are digitalizing the agricultural activities of farmers through Crop Management, e-Yard, etc. Agmarks is providing a digital Service database, which can have the potential to integrate and streamline all supply chain activities to minimize Wastage and reduce procurement time. This digitalization of Farmer Services further useful in Artificial Intelligence, once the data is feeded in cloud.

Agmarks Blog

Agmarks | Agri Global Market

Agriculture activity in India is ever increasing as such the produce. There need a new markets, which is Global in nature, yet accessible locally is the key forever growing agricultural produce. Agmarks provides the platform to suit global markets with localized face. This Agri Global Market of Agmarks is a digitalized agriculture market for all buying and selling of Agri Produce and subsequent Finished Good.

Agmarks Blog

Digital Agriculture Platform for Farmers in India

Agmarks first of its kind of Online/Digital platform service for Farmers. Agmarks helps to Farmers in all Agricultural related issues from sowing to harvesting. Farmers can sell their produce, buy farm inputs like Seeds, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Farm Machineries, farmers can search nearby Storage units and farmers can send diseased plant images in our Digital platform service Dashboard. Agmarks providing free Online/Digital service for farmers. In addition, farmers can search Rainfall weather forecast for 5 days, Market yard prices and Crop Management.

Agmarks Blog

Agmarks | Farmer Service Center (FSC) in India

Agmarks (Agri Global Market) is first of its kind of Digital Agriculture Farmer Service (Agmarks Farmer Service Center) is to help Farmers in all Agricultural related issues from sowing to harvesting. In addition, Farmer can check Market Prices, Weather Information for 5 days, Seed Suppliers, Farm Machinery, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Contract Farming, Processors, Export and Import, Traders, Cold Storages, Vendors, Logistics and Suppliers

About Agmarks
Agmarks Farmer Services

Agmarks is committed to streamline all farm & subsidiary activities and address supply chain issues. The company is providing a free service platform for the farmers and a marketplace for all other stakeholders. By using technology and timely service, Agmarks strives to get high yield and the Maximum Possible Price (MxPP) to sustain farmer, thereby securing food for future generations.

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