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Agri Panchangam

Crop Name:  Ragi

Agriculture Panchangam
Soil and Climatic Conditions:
Ragi is cultivated mostly in Red lateritic soils with average temperature of 27°c.
Seed Rate:
For Broadcast: 3-4 kg/Acre & for transplanting(5 cents): 2.5 kg/Acre.
Seed Treatment:
Seed treatment with Carbendazim 2 g/kg seed (or) Mancozeb 3 g/kg seed.
Field Preparation:
Land should be deeply ploughed for moisture conservation. Prepare a 5 cents nursery bed and add sufficient seeds (2.5 kg seed).
Types Of Cultivation:
Broadcast & Transplanting. Transplant 21-30 days seedling plant to the main field. In transplanting seed rate can be reduced, optimum population can be maintained as only healthy seedlings are used for transplanting.
Short duration: 15cm x 10cm for row to row and plant to plant. Long duration: 15-20cm x 15cm for row to row and plant to plant.
Ragi: Red gram - 8:2 so that Spacing for Ragi - 30cm x 10cm for row to row and plant to plant & for Red gram 60cm x 20cm for row to row and plant to plant. Ragi: Beans - 8:1 so that Spacing for Ragi - 30cm x 10cm for row to row and plant to plant & for Beans 20cm x 20cm for row to row and plant to plant.
Weed Management:
Before broadcasting (or) transplanting spray Pendimethalin 30% EC - 600ml/Acre in 200 lit water. At 25th, 30th days if board leaf weeds are observed then use 2, 4 D Sodium Salt 80% WP 400g/Acre in 200 lit water.
Water Management:
If the Seedlings root system is well developed then stop irrigation up to 10 days. Avoid water stagnation during the Flowering, Grain filling stage.
Nutrient Management:
At Nursery (5 cents): Nitrogen-640g, Phosphorous-640g, Potash-480g use in the form of Urea, SSP, MOP. At Main Field (Acre): FYM-4 tons/Acre add during last ploughing, Nitrogen-12kg, Phosphorous-12kg, Potash-8kg add during time of sowing & at 30 days crop add another 12kg of nitrogen.
Intercultural Operations:
Thinning should be done in order to remove excess plants. Hand weeding, Hoeing operations are mainly intended to control weeds & provide aeration to the soil.
Flowering and Maturity Stages:
Avoid Water stagnation during Flowering phase. Brown coloured ears with hard grains & when crop matures leaves turn yellow & present a dried up appearance.
Harvesting Methods:
The usual practice of harvesting Ragi is cutting the ear-heads first & stalks later. The stalks are cut after a week, allowed to dry & then stacked.
Yield For Different Cultivation Methods:
On an average of 12-16 quintals but in broadcast yield reduces comparatively.
Post Harvest Handling:
Drying: Dry the ear heads until the correct moisture content for storage is attained to prevent rotting. Threshing: Grain is separated from the ear heads. Cleaning: Separated grain is cleaned and then dried. Packaging: Pack in bags for convenient handling. Storage: Place the produce in appropriate stores to avoid contamination & spoilage.
Organic Products can be used:
Bio-Fertilizers like Azospirillum brasilense & Aspergillus awamori can be used for seed treatment. Sticker Solution: Effective Seed Inoculation-This can be prepared by dissolving 25g jaggery or sugar in 250ml water and boiling for 5 min. The solution thus prepared is cooled. Smear the seeds well using the required quantity of sticker solution & add culture then shade dried & then use for sowing.
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