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Agri Panchangam

Crop Name:  Green gram

Agriculture Panchangam
Soil and Climatic Conditions:
Green gram can be cultivated in all types of soils but salty land is not suitable. Best climatic condition for Green gram cultivation is warm humid and within temperature range of 25°C - 35°C, with moderate rains of 85 to 100 cm, well distributed throughout its growing period of 100 days.
Seed Rate:
Kharif: 6-7 kg/Acre, Rabi: 10-12 kg/Acre, Summer (In Paddy Magani): 10-12 kg, after harvesting paddy (Magani): 10-12 kg/Acre, summer (Metta): 6-7 kg.
Seed Treatment:
Seed treatment with Thiram/Captan/Mancozeb/Carbendazim 2.5 g/kg seed & 5 g Imidacloprid (or) 5 g Thiamethoxam - for sucking pest control.
Field Preparation:
Prepare the field by ploughing for fine tilth & form channels & seed beds. After harvesting of the paddy we can directly grow the Green gram no need of ploughing.
Types Of Cultivation:
Seeds are broadcasted 2-3 days before paddy harvesting. Line Sowing: Seeds are sown in the main field in a line. This method ensures better germination, reduces seed requirement & facilitates intercultural operations.
30cm x 10cm for row to row and plant to plant.
Green gram can be grown as intercrop in Cotton, Red gram. Green gram: Cotton/Rabi Red gram - 3:1, Green gram: Kharif Red gram - 7:1.
Weed Management:
Pre-emergence application of Pendimethalin 30% 1.0-1.5 lit/Acre (or) Alachlor 50% lit/Acre. At 20, 25 days seedlings for removal of Ooda (Barnyard grass) spray Fenoxaprop Ethyl 9% 250ml/200 lit water. Along with Ooda if any grassy weeds are present then spray Quizalofop ethyl 5% 400ml/Acre. Along with grassy weeds if broad leaf weeds are present then spray Imazethapyr 5% 200ml/Acre.
Water Management:
Irrigation required at 25-30day crop, 45-50 day crop. Water should be cut down during the pod maturing time. Sufficient moisture is essential during germination, flowering, and seed filling stages.
Nutrient Management:
FYM: 2000kg/Acre add during ploughing, Nitrogen: 8kg/Acre, Phosphorous: 20kg/Acre & Potash: 8kg/Acre add before seed sowing. If Green gram is cultivation in Paddy (Magani) then no need of using fertilizers. In Intercropping Green gram: Cotton/Rabi Red gram- 5 kg seed, Nitrogen- 6 kg, Phosphorous- 15 kg, Potash- 6 kg (For Green gram/Acre). In Intercropping Green gram: Kharif Red gram- 6 kg seed, Nitrogen- 7 kg, Phosphorous- 17.5 kg, Potash- 7 kg (For Green gram/Acre).
Intercultural Operations:
Hoeing should be done at 20-25th day, Hand weeding, Thinning should be followed.
Flowering and Maturity Stages:
30 days after 50% flowering harvesting can be done. Maturity indices can be identified by majority of the pods in brown in colour.
Harvesting Methods:
Hand picking the matured pods (or) Cutting the whole plants.
Yield For Different Cultivation Methods:
On an Average 4-6 Quintals/Acre.
Post Harvest Handling:
Pre-drying: Harvested product is dried in order to undergo threshing. Threshing: Separation of grains from the plants. Drying: Grains are dried until the correct moisture content for storage is attained to prevent rotting. Sorting & Grading: Grade the grains on the basis of quality factors & Sort out bad, rotten (or) broken grains from the good produce. Cleaning: Separated grain is cleaned and then dried. Packaging: Pack in bags for convenient handling. Storage: Place the produce in appropriate stores to avoid contamination & spoilage.
Organic Products can be used:
If growing Green gram for the first time then mix the seeds with Rhizobium culture in order to increase the yield. Farm Yard Manure (FYM) reduces the usage of 20-25% Nitrogen Fertilizer.
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