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Agri Panchangam

Crop Name:  Cucumber

Agriculture Panchangam
Soil and Climatic Conditions:
1.) Cucumber required loose, well-drained soils with pH of 6.0-7.0. 2.) Cucumber grows well in warm climate. They grow best in temperatures from 18.3-23.9?c with maximum temperature of 32.2?c.
Seed Rate:
1.) Seed rate of 1.0-1.4 kg/Acre.
Seed Treatment:
1.) Seed treatment with Thiram 3g/kg seed and Imidacloprid 5g/kg seed respectively.
Field Preparation:
1.) Plough the land before sowing, add 6-8 tons of FYM before sowing the seeds & form channels.
Types Of Cultivation:
1.) Direct sowing, Transplanting method. 2.) Transplanting method: Grow the seeds in a polythene bags & then transplant 15-20 days seedlings to the main field. Seed rate can be reduced, Optimum population can be maintained as only healthy seedlings are used for transplanting.
1.) Spacing: 1.0-1.5 m x 0.5-0.75 m row to row and plant to plant.
1.) Intercrops like Onion (or) Garlic, Amaranthus, Tomato (2:1).
Weed Management:
1.) Pre-emergence application of Pendimethalin 1.2 lit/Acre in 200lit water.
Water Management:
1.) Critical stages for irrigation in cucumber: Flowering & Fruit development. 2.) Generally give irrigations at an interval of 7 days.
Nutrient Management:
1.) 32-40 kg Phosphorous, and 16-20 kg Potash add before sowing the seeds. 2.) Nitrogen 32-40 kg in 2 split doses at 25-30 days, Flowering & Fruit formation stage. 3.) At 2-4 leaf stage spray Borax 3g/lit water (or) Malic hydrazide 50mg/lit water, it induces the female flowers so that yield increases.
Intercultural Operations:
1.) Weed Control by hoeing (or) hand weeding is mainly intended to control weeds & provide aeration to the soil. 2.) Staking (or) Trellising should be done, means supporting the plant with stick so they don?t crawl on the ground. Uses of staking: Easy control of pest, Protect the fruits from rodents, Easy harvesting, Increase pollination and higher yield of fruits. 3.) Earthing Up is essential to cover the roots properly especially in rainy season crop.
Flowering and Maturity Stages:
1.) Flowering stage is the critical stage for irrigation. 2.) Add Nitrogen in the form of urea during Flowering & Fruit formation stage. 3.) It takes 50-70 days for a cucumber to mature. 4.) Proper stage of the fruit is judged by size, not by the age of the plant. 5.) Harvest immature fruits, before the seeds develop & harden. 6.) In general cucumber may be picked at any stage of fruit growth, provided yellowish has not started.
Harvesting Methods:
1.) Remove the fruit with a sharp implement. By twisting (or) pulling will cause injury to the vine. 2.) Cut the stem ? inch above the fruit.
Yield For Different Cultivation Methods:
1.) Varies according to the variety. On an average of 33-42 quintals/Acre.
Post Harvest Handling:
1.) Precooling: Harvested fruit must be precooled to remove excessive field heat. 2.) Sorting & Grading: Grade the produce on the basis of quality factors & Sort out bad, rotten (or) broken from the good produce. 3.) Cleaning: Separated produce is cleaned and then dried. 4.) Packaging: Pack in bags for convenient handling. 5.) Storage: Place the produce in appropriate stores to avoid contamination & spoilage.
Organic Products can be used:
1.) FYM: Reduces the usage of 20-25% Nitrogen Fertilizer. 2.) Seed treatment with Trichoderma Viride 2g/100g seeds. 3.) Spray Neem Seed Kernel Extract (NSKE) during 30 days to flowering stage with 15 days interval.
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